English Placement

Placement into First-Year Writing is based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative assessments.

For domestic students standardized tests (e.g., SAT or ACT) will be used to place them in appropriate English courses. For international students, we will use a combination of standardized tests (e.g., TOEFL or SAT) and a Guided Placement for Fall 2020 semester.  You can review general information about this guided placement here.  The questionnaire and writing sample prompts will available before your orientation session, and will ask about your previous experiences writing in American academic English and to provide brief examples of your writing. .

As part of the University General Education Requirements, all students are required to complete ENGL 1007, 1010 or 1011. (Note: You will need to complete ENGL 1007, 1010 or 1011 before enrolling in other writing (W) courses).   Honors students have designated sections on the Storrs campus, which also fullfills the First-Year Writing requirement. ENGL 1007 is currently offered at Storrs.

Placement into First-Year Writing is partly based on standardized tests. The SAT scoring has recently changed, please use the conversion below from the College Board Concordance tables. if you took the ACT rather than the ACT, please use the conversion table to determine the equivalent SAT score range.

The new SAT combines the Writing and Language section with the Evidence-Based Reading section for a combined score in the range of 200-800. The Writing and Language section has a range of 10-40 similar to the Critical Reading section. Scores must reach the threshold for the individual test sections AND the combined score for placement.


New SAT “Evidence-Based Reading”  Combined Evidence-Based Reading + Writing and Language Section   Enroll in this class
27 or lower  470 or below ENGL 1004
28 -32 480-580 ENGL 1004 Strongly Recommended
33 or above 590 and above ENGL 1007 (or 1010 or 1011)

New SAT “Writing and Language” Section Combined Evidence-Based Reading + Writing and Language Section   Enroll in this class
26 470 or below ENGL 1004
27-32 480-580 ENGL 1004 Strongly Recommended
33 or above 590 and above ENGL 1007 (or 1010 or 1011)

ACT to New SAT

ACT English and Reading Section Combined Evidence-Based Reading + Writing and Language Section   Enroll in this class
32 or below 470 or below ENGL 1004
33 – 46 480-580 ENGL 1004 Strongly Recommended
47 or above 590 and above ENGL 1007 (or 1010 or 1011)

Domestic Students

Your final decision on placement however occurs in the classroom during the first week of classes. You will be asked to write a brief response to a question or passage of an article.  After you write that piece, you will respond to reflective questions that will determine whether the work in that course is in line with your needs.  In a follow-up discussion, your instructor or the FYW Administrator will make recommendations that help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

If you have not completed the SAT Critical Reading test, your advisor will suggest appropriate course work after reviewing your academic record and, if applicable, any credits received in transfer.
Note: If you have taken the ACT rather than the SAT test, click here to find a chart that converts ACT into SAT scores (concordance includes new SAT scoring system).

English placement based on AP scores
Any student who has earned a score of 4 or 5 on the CEEB AP English Language or English Literature examination will receive four credits for ENGL 1010 and therefore will meet General Education First-Year Writing requirement.

High School Early College Experience (ECE)
Students who successfully complete English courses given under the UConn High School ECE Program (with the designation of ENGL, 1007, ENGL 1010, or ENGL 1011) will receive the same credit as that given by the University for the course. Students must earn a grade of C or better in their ECE course for credits to transfer.

When you meet with an advisor during the orientation/registration sessions, placement into your first-term courses will take into account any AP credits or UConn High School ECE courses that you may have.

International Students
International students’ placement into First-Year Writing is based on several quantitative (test scores) and qualitative (guided placement) assessments prior to the first day of classes.  The qualitative portion usually takes place during International Orientation.  Students who are unable to attend International Orientation will complete the qualitative assessment upon arrival.

All international students, regardless of country of origin will need to complete a guided placement questionnaire and provide samples of writing for Fall 2020 semester.  The guided placement will be available before your orientation session. The guided placement will help you determine whether you need to take ENGL 1003 or ENGL 1004 in preparation for ENGL 1007, 1010 or 1011.  , or if starting in ENGL 1007, 1010 or 1011 is right for you.  Only ENGL 1007, 1010 or 1011 fulfill the General Education requirements for First-Year Writing, but our research shows that students who take ENGL 1003 and/or ENGL 1004 are better prepared for the work in ENGL 1007, 1010 or 1011.  Credits earned from any of these English courses COUNT toward the total number of credits students need for graduation.

Academic Writing in English for International Students 
Students will select from three different courses in line with their needs, as well as recommendations from your advisor and/or First-Year Writing.

  • The course is well-suited for multilingual students who are transitioning to primarily English academic discourse.
  • The course provides students more experience composing works for an American university audience. During the course, students will develop academic composition projects in response to work currently undertaken in the American university community.  Along with opportunities to write several original pieces, students will develop strategies for writing academic work, respond to challenging texts, recognize and adapt the forms and practices used by academic writers, discern and make connections among ideas and experiences, collaborate with others to develop ideas and review peers’ work.  The work in written, visual, and oral  and media will prepare students for future courses, including ENGL 1004 (Introduction to Academic Writing), ENGL 1007 (Seminar in Academic Writing and Multimodal Composition), and the Seminar in Academic Writing (ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1011). Primarily, the course helps students understand and work with the intellectual inquiry, contexts, audiences, genres, and conventions of writing for the University. ENGL 1003 is a writing course rather than a language course.

Class size is limited to 15.

 ENGL 1003 may be repeated if desired or if the instructor recommends further study in ENGL 1003. Repeated course credit in ENGL 1003 counts as “elective” and toward total credits needed to graduate.  The course is open to undergraduate, graduate, and exchange students. 

Please visit the University First-Year Writing program for more information including course descriptions for either ENGL 1003, 1004, 1007, 1010 or 1011.