Frequently Asked Questions

Do all incoming freshman have to complete the placement process?

Not necessarily — Participation in the placement process is a required part of the registration procedure for certain students. Information on placement is provided at this web site and is broken down into three areas: (i) English, (ii) quantitative (Q) courses such as Chemistry, and (iii) Mathematics calculus courses.   Please read through the information provided to determine what you need to do.  if you need to take a placement test, please do prior to your orientation session (except for the English placement with international students).   Once you complete the placement, you will be ready to work with an advisor in building your course schedule.

Note: Students are only required to take a placement if they have chosen or planning to declare a major which requires a calculus-based course.   Please click here to determine if you are required to complete the Mathematics Placement.

Do all transfer students have to complete the placement process?

Not necessarily — Read carefully through the information on placement in English, Chemistry, and Mathematics calculus courses to determine whether you should take the placement prior or during your orientation session.  If you are transferring in a Mathematics or Statistics course you may receive credit for one of the required General Education quantitative (Q) courses. If your are planning to take a course that requires you to take the placement, then you must complete the test.

If I’m enrolled in UConn High School Early College Experience courses, do I have to complete the placement process?

Yes. However, your advisor will take your UConn High School Early College Experience classes into account when helping you register for courses.

If I take the AP test in English or Mathematics, will my scores change the placement process?

Since AP scores may not be available at the time of your orientation/registration session, you must complete the placement process regardless of the AP exams you plan to take. If your AP results warrant a change in your schedule you can make changes during the add/drop period prior to the start of classes.  Your advisor will have more information about AP exams and will provide advice on course selection taking information on AP exams into account.

When should I complete the placement process?

The placement process must be completed prior to attending your orientation/registration session. Consequently, you should plan accordingly.  Proper planning will ensure that scores are available to your advisor prior to your arrival on campus.

Am I required to take the Mathematics Placement?

A number of majors require incoming students to take calculus as part of their required coursework. Information on which majors require students to take calculus can accessed here. If your major is on the list, you must complete the placement exam and earn a qualifying score prior to enrolling in a calculus course.

May I repeat the Mathematics/Chemistry Placement?

You may retake the placement exam three times prior to your orientation/registration session. If you take the placement more than one time, your highest score is maintained in the student records system.  You should take the preparatory and learning modules (if available) between attempts to improve your knowledge and ability.

Is there a placement process for international students?
Yes – all international students are required to take a written English placement during the week of International Orientation. For students who could not attend orientation due to travel delays, their placement will be handled on an individual basis.