Mathematics Placement

UConn requires all Undergraduate students seeking to register for Pre-Calculus, Calculus I and II to take the online Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE) in order to determine student readiness for appropriate placement. The MPE is offered online via Husky CT and can be taken anywhere that internet access is available.

  • Students must earn a qualifying score on the MPE in order to register for the following courses.
    • MATH 1060Q (Pre-Calculus)
    • MATH 1131Q (Calculus I), MATH 1132Q (Calculus II), MATH 1131Q (Honors Calculus I), or 1132Q (Honors Calculus II).

Math Placement Exam Information and List of Majors
Please click here for more information regarding the placement exam and the list of majors that require the MPE.


Non-Degree Students: non-degree students are not required to take the MPE.  They should contact the Office of the Registrar if they need assistance registering for pre-calculus and calculus courses (based on availability).

Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students: not required to take the MPE and should contact Rachel D’Antonio in the Math Department at 860.486.6451 for assistance if they want want to register for these courses.