Mathematics Placement Exam

The Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE) an online assessment created by the Department of Mathematics and is administered through the Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard known as HuskyCT.  The exam has 33 questions on topics that are considered essential to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and is offered online via HuskyCT and can be accessed from any location where internet access is available (instructions on how to access the MPE are at the bottom of this page).

The topics covered on the MPE can be broadly classified into the following: Solving equations, Manipulating expressions, Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic functions, Trigonometry, Graphs, and Word Problems.

It is highly recommended that students review mathematical concepts previously learned in high school before taking the exam. Students have continued access to MPE Learning Modules located in HuskyCT.

Students have a maximum of three (3) attempts per semester to earn a qualifying score on the MPE.  While students have five (5) hours to complete an exam once started, they are not allowed to close and restart the exam.
The completion of the entire exam is on average about 90 minutes (each student has their own pace).
The results of this exam will determine if students are qualified to enroll in Pre-Calculus (MATH 1060Q) and Calculus (MATH 1131Q, 1132Q, 1131Q Honors or 1132Q Honors) courses at UConn.

Who needs to take the MPE?

Any Undergraduate student that wants to take Pre-Calculus and/or Calculus I and II courses at UConn.

According to the University Catalog, the prerequisites for enrolling in the following courses are as follows:

  • MATH 1060Q (Pre-Calculus) Enrollment Requirement: A qualifying score 17 or higher on the MPE must be on record.
  • MATH 1131Q (Calculus I and Honors) Enrollment Requirement: A qualifying score of 22 or higher on the MPE must be on record.
  • MATH 1132Q (Calculus II and Honors) Enrollment Requirements: A qualifying score 22 or higher on the MPE must be on record and one of either MATH 1125Q, MATH 1126Q, MATH 1131Q, MATH 1151Q, or AP credit for Calculus I.

Students who are in or who are planning to declare one of the following majors are required to earn credit for either Pre-Calculus or Calculus in order to complete their degree:

  • Allied Health Sciences
  • Animal Science, B.S.
  • Biological Sciences, B.S.
  • *Business Majors
  • Chemistry
  • Cognitive Sciences, B.S.
  • Computer Science
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, B.S.
  • Economics, B.S.
  • Engineering majors
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Geoscience, B.S.
  • German (Eurotech)
  • Pre-Individualized Major, B.S.
  • Marine Sciences
    *Note: B.S. = Bachelor of Science
    • Mathematics-Actuarial Science
    • Mathematics-Actuarial Science-Finance
    • Mathematics
    • Mathematics-Statistics
    • Molecular and Cell Biology
    • Natural Resources
    • Pathobiology
    • Physics
    • Physiology and Neurobiology
    • Pharmacy Studies
    • Pre-Kinesiology (Exercise Science)
    • Pre-Teaching (any STEM area)
    • Psychology, B.S.
    • Statistics
    • Structural Biology and Biophysics

If your major is not listed above, that means Pre-Calculus and Calculus are not required for your undergraduate degree, therefore you don’t have to take the MPE because you don’t have to take those particular math courses.

*** While students in the School of Business are not required to earn credit for either Pre-Calculus, Calculus I or Calculus II in order to complete their degree, it is strongly recommended that all students majoring in the School of Business complete the MPE with a score of 22 or higher for proper preparedness for the Business curriculum.

If you are a student in ACES and you considering or have interest in any of the majors listed above, it is advised that you take the placement so that you have the option to register for Pre-Calculus or Calculus courses in the future.

If your major is listed here and you have confirmation that you have already earned credits for the mathematics courses required for your major on record, and you do not need to either take or retake  Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, or Calculus II at UConn, then the placement is not necessary.

There are no substitutions for the MPE requirement when enrolling in Pre-Calculus and Calculus.
Undergraduate students who fit into the following categories are still required to have a qualifying score for the MPE on record if they need to enroll in or retake either a Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, or Calculus II course at UConn:

  1. Students with high SAT scores.
  2. Students with AP Math exam credits.  Students should consult the Undergraduate Admissions Office website to verify AP Math equivalencies.
  3. Students in UConn’s ECE (Early College Experience) Mathematics Program.
  4. Students transferring to UConn from other institutions. Some mathematics courses do not transfer in exactly as our MATH 1060Q (Pre-Calculus), MATH 1131Q (Calculus I) and/or MATH 1132Q (Calculus II). Students can find more information about transfer credits by visiting the Undergraduate Admissions Office website.
  5. Students currently at UConn who want to take Pre-Calculus or Calculus and did not already receive a qualifying score on the MPE.

What is a qualifying score?

  • A minimum score of 17 is required to enroll in Pre-Calculus (MATH 1060Q).
  • minimum score of 22 is required to enroll in Calculus (MATH 1131Q, 1132Q, 1131Q Honors or 1132Q Honors).

Students have a maximum of three (3) attempts per semester to earn a qualifying score on the MPE.  Students who fail to earn qualifying scores after their first attempt are STRONGLY advised to spend time on the preparatory and Learning Modules located in HuskyCT before re-taking the MPE. These learning modules have video instruction on individual topics, extra problem sets and targeted built-in assessments.   Once a student earns a qualifying score on any of the attempts, the student has met the requirement to register for Pre-calculus and/or Calculus courses. Consequently, the student no longer needs to take any additional math placement after earning a qualifying score.  

If students fail to earn a qualifying score after a third attempt, they will need to:

  1. Continue with the learning modules throughout the semester and register for the desired calculus course the following semester.
  2. Self-enroll in the MPE again after October 1st (spring semester) or March 1st (fall semester).  Students will then be given three additional attempts to earn a qualifying score.
  3. If students repeatedly fail to earn a qualifying score after multiple efforts, they are advised to consult with their academic advisor and discuss their choice of major.

**NoteAlthough students will see their MPE scores instantly, scores are only posted to UConn’s StudentAdmin system Mon-Fri at 10:20am.

What is the cost for the MPE?

There is no fee associated with the MPE currently.  There is, however, a likelihood that the MPE will be fee-based in the future.

How do I take the MPE?

The MPE is offered online via HuskyCT.  Students will need to sign in with their NetID and password and self-enroll.  Please see below for more information regarding how to self-enroll prior to taking the placement.

  1. Login to HuskyCT
  2. On the “Institution Page” (the landing page after login), you will see “Self-Enrolled Courses and Organizations”. Click on the link to Math Placement Exam:
  3. Click on “+Enroll” and then submit:
  4. You will get a “Success” message. Click on “OK” at the bottom right to go directly to the course.
  5. Or, if you click on the “x” on the left side to close this screen, the next time you go to “Courses” You will see Math Placement Exam under your current courses.

NOTE: Although you will be able to see you score on HuskyCT immediately after you complete an attempt of the MPE, scores are typically sent to your StudentAdmin account only once a day (around 10:20am) Monday-Friday. So you may have to wait a little while before StudentAdmin will allow you to enroll in a MATH course.

What if I need help?

For Technical Support, please contact the UITS HuskyTech Help Center by phone at 860.486.HELP (4357) or via email at
Holidays and outside normal business hours — Students can contact the HuskyCT 24 x 7 Support Service. Please visit:

For Advising questions, contact the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Academic Services Center at 860.486.2822 or

Students with a documented Disability who need to request accommodations should contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at 860.486.2020.